1 May - 23 May 2015

Including works by:
Telfer Stokes

We are pleased to present an exhibition of metal objects by British artist Telfer Stokes (B.1940). Better known for his art books, Stokes began making his metal works around 10 years ago after a chance visit to a scrapyard exposed him to the sight of thousands of discarded, half-formed, cast metal objects. Once useful as industrial or marine machinery, the metallic jetsam of the scrapyard represented an abundance of potential for Stokes; ready forms, colours and textures to peruse, rethink and transform.

In preserving the essence of those found pieces, Stokes manages to maintain a complex tension between the part and the whole; the stuff-of-the-world and the materials of art; the useful and the beautiful. Perhaps the endeavour can be most easily characterised as an attempt at transformation – that seems to be at the heart of what Stokes does.

Born in 1940 in St Ives, Cornwall Telfer Stokes Studied at the Slade from 1958-1962, and had a Beckmann Fellowship to do a postgraduate at Brooklyn Museum Art School, New York in 1962. He founded imprint WEPRODUCTIONS and published artist 20 books, some in collaboration with Helen Douglas, between 1972-2000. In 2008 he started to make Sculptural objects and exhibited at Kettles Yard Open. He had his first show at North House Gallery in 2010.

An illustrated catalgoue is available from the gallery.

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