6 April - 6 May 2005

Including works by:
Jeanne Masoero

We are pleased to present our first one-person show with Jeanne Masoero.

While in recent years Jeanne Masoero, who is a graduate of the Slade, has made herself a name with luminous paintings composed from "thousands of tiny grains of colour which [...] cluster, collide or stream out like galactic organisms across a pure white field of cosmic space"(Sacha Craddock), the exhibition at Austin/Desmond Fine Art focuses on her equally stunning works from paper produced between 1976 and 1979, with some new additions specially created for this show. Among the exhibits feature monochrome white paper reliefs on canvas, white layered paper objects and drawings on paper.

This consistent group of work represents one stage within the artist’s quest to "get light into 'paintings'"(JM). Light is the prevalent subject matter throughout her career. Following a period in which she had tried to capture light with colours applied in different grades of density, Jeanne Masoero discovered that by making paper reliefs, she "could cut out colour altogether, because the light and shadow created by the slightly raised or depressed surfaces contained its own kind of space - not the deep space of the paintings, but different: in that paper, being a delicate and sensuous substance, seems physically to contain light inside itself"(JM). 

Jeanne Masoero explored the possibilities and visual appeal of her newly discovered medium, folding the paper, stacking it, cutting, tearing and shaping it. If she occasionally produced three-dimensional works, she did so because it lies within the possibilities of paper. This series of work is concrete, relying mostly on the square, rectangle and line. She created a topography of light and shadow, of ridges and crevices, where the beholder's eye explores a rhythmic, as if naturally grown pattern spreading across the canvas or shaping a three-dimensional object from stacked paper. 

One source of inspiration for these works lies in Jeanne Masoero’s visits to Mexico’s Mayan sites in the late 1970s, where she admired the layered temples and pyramids. Furthermore, her works  from paper speak of her association with Kenneth Martin, who had been her teacher at Goldsmiths School of Art, London, and Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, and had later become a close friend.

Jeanne Masoero has exhibited widely in the UK, among which at the Hayward Gallery and the ICA, and internationally, in Austria, Switzerland and the USA. 2002 saw a major retrospective of her work at the Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne. Her work is represented in public and private collections in Europe, USA, Australia and Japan.

We are delighted that the publishers Lund Humphries launched the paperback of Sacha Craddock's monograph Jeanne Masoero: A Survey at the opening of Jeanne Masoero’s show at Austin/Desmond Fine Art. The book, which is for sale at the gallery, provides a comprehensive overview over the artist's life and work and contains essays by Guy Brett, Sarah Kent and the novelist Edward Rutherfurd.