5 March - 2 April 2004

Including works by:
Peter Sedgley

Peter Sedgley is the only British artist to have been associated with all three of the movements dealing with illusion, light and motion that came into prominence during the 1960s: op art, kinetic art and light art. Even though his work has undergone many changes during the past 40 years, the basic principles he started with when he came to work as an artist have remained constant. These involve abstraction, construction and progression of forms and effects based on repetition. So precise a definition, however, belies the emotive effects of the work, and the sheer magic that is released when the works are seen in space and the lights are switched on.

Alongside acrylic paintings from the 1980s, this exhibition presents two series of Sedgley's recent work: computer prints with delicate nuances of repetitive forms, in which the colours dissolve and vibrate, and the Windomes, the artist's most recent adventure with mixed media. These last are enigmatic, rectangular, dichroic glass reliefs inviting the viewer to take a personal journey into space.

Jasia Reichardt




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