1 November - 1 December 2002

Including works by:
Dan Kelly

An exhibition of work by Dan Kelly.

As the potter Takeshi Yasuda once said “form is tactile.” Yet there is a tendency to discuss modern ceramics with a borrowed language – the largely formalist one we use for painting and sculpture. Of course this is useful, but only up to a point. Often neglected are those physical aspects of touch and taction which makes clay quite special. And it is these particular qualities that are of prime concern to Dan Kelly. You only really begin to understand his art, what makes him tick, when you fully examine the piece in front of you – running your hands over its curves and contours and exploring the full extent of its outer and inner volumes. Here is a potter absorbed by the ramifications of mass, surface and enclosure, but when all is said and done, it is the innate contiguity of these objects that opens the door; their sensually charged ability to communicate. That materially underpins his whole philosophy, from the free conception of their overall structures to the slashing abrasions and openings that define their surfaces.

David Whiting


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